Welcome to the It’s Our City blog.  This is your place to continue the civic conversation that took place during the 2007 Philadelphia mayor’s race, facilitated by WHYY’s The Next Mayor project.

Now that Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration is in full swing and he embarks on the ambitious set of proposals that he outlined during the campaign, we want you to help us keep track of how he’s doing.

WHYY’s award-winning reporters continue to provide regular, ongoing coverage of Philadelphia city government for WHYY 91FM while a team of web producers dedicated to the It’s Our City project engage in in-depth multimedia reports that combine audio, video, photos and text to tell the story of how the mayor’s policies and ideas are affecting the everyday lives of the almost 4 million residents of the Greater Philadelphia region.

On this blog, you can find highlights of these stories and other interesting facts, links, and stories about the mayor, City Council, the entire city government and the best practices of other cities worldwide.

Become a part of the conversation by commenting or contact the producers of the project if you would like to be a regular contributor to this blog.  It’s easy to sign up and our professional editors will work with you to help you develop your own voice as you write about the most important issues in your neighborhood.  We are welcoming potential commentators of all ages and backgrounds who can give whatever time they can spare – whether want to write once a month, a week or a day.

Email Dan Pohlig at dpohlig (at) whyy.org for more information.


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