Talking issues with the Mayor himself

Hizzoner, Mayor Michael Nutter, called in to WHYY this morning to chat for a few minutes with Morning Edition host and executive producer, Brenda Jorett.

Their wide ranging discussion included the Mayor’s outreach to the region’s other elected officials, summer recreation programs and their role in his anti-crime plan, and advances in the city government’s customer service in anticipation of the oncoming 3-1-1 complaint and information line. You can listen to the entire conversation here.

This is a great time to start promoting our first episode of the It’s Our City tv show, on June 20th. Mayor Michael Nutter will be in our WHYY studios for a live program that will include call-ins from viewers and taking questions over email and the web. I’ll let you know about the exact time when we nail that down but I think it’s going to be 8pm (prime time!).

Just a few minutes ago, Ben Waxman interviewed Managing Director Camille Barnett for a special It’s Our Money (our companion project focusing on the city’s and region’s budget issues) podcast. Once that podcast is edited, I’ll pass it along. For now, check out the It’s Our Money site for all of your city, state, school district and public agency budget needs.


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One response to “Talking issues with the Mayor himself

  1. Marita Fitzpatrick

    Two questions:
    How to change attitudes of compulsive litterers? On my block, I have tried to be an example for 7 years, but its not rubbing off.
    Regarding Rec. Centers: (ours is Hancock Rec. where the press conference was last week) A couple fascist neighbors have persuaded the staff to keep the gates locked so no one can play ball on the grass, except official teams. They also lock the main gates during off hours. Since its a public park, shouldn’t anyone be allowed to use it, any time? Shutting people out should never be the answer.

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